Cynthia Chea always enjoyed experimenting with makeup and hair since she was a child. She always enjoyed applying makeup and styling hair for her friends for fun and special occasions. The thought of becoming a professional makeup artist & hairstylist ran through her mind sometimes but she never took it seriously.

She decided to major in Business Management and minor in Business Administration instead. As time passed, she realized she had a passion for makeup.  With the encouragement of her friends, she started working in Marshall Field’s as a Makeup Artist.  She realized the power of makeup and how it can transform a person and change their self-confidence within themselves. As time went on, she loved making a person smile when they look into a mirror after the makeover.

Finally, she decided to pursue makeup school and Tricoci University of Beauty Culture and Paul Mitchelll Ulupono. She is now a Freelance Certified Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist.